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Please see below our terms of booking and aftercare advisories. Please read through at your convenience, If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

1.0 – Cleaning;

1.1 – Preparation – we ask that where possible all items including furniture are moved out or above floor level to allow the best possible clean. We will work around furniture that does remain. We can complete 2 phase cleans on rooms to move upholstery items across however this will mean additional aftercare by the customer to allow full airflow (see 2.3)

1.2 – Driveway/Direct parking access – Our extraction machine is van mounted with vacuum/solutions hoses and power leads running from the van into your home, we therefore require driveway access or direct parking outside your property as close to the access door as possible. In addition we require electrical access to 3 13 amp sockets to power our machinery. If either of these requirements are not possible please contact us to discuss alternative arrangements.

1.3 – Scatter cushions are not included with upholstery cleans. Most scatter cushions have a removable cushion which in most case can be machine washed, we advise you refer to the wash instruction on the label.

1.4- All our chemicals are pet and child friendly, in addition our extraction process offers the safest possible option regarding chemical use (excludes some stain treatments see 3.2). Although we can offer guidance and information regarding allergens on request, we cannot accept liability for any related issues with pet and human contact. Please make us aware ahead of our visit if you have anything we should be aware of.

1.5 – As a precautionary measure operatives will complete a pre clean inspections and evidence any damage ahead of cleaning, we will inform you of this before cleaning commences. Pipes and cables will run into property’s through an agreed access point. Our operatives will take the necessary precautions to protect furniture, walls and floors whilst cleaning is in process. Where possible We ask that any fragile items located within or in the pathway to areas scheduled to be cleaned are removed, Should any spillages or splashes occur this will be cleaned at the earliest opportunity. On rare occasions when any liquid is missed, we advise this is carefully wiped with a dry cloth.

1.6 – Reporting an issues – Any issues associated with one of our cleans should be brought to out attention within 48 hours. Post clean aftercare is the responsibility of the customer (see 2.3) we therefore cannot accept any responsibility for associated issues outside of the 48 hour window.

2.0 – Drying;


2.1 – Our extraction process offers the very best method for leaving your carpets and upholstery as dry as possible. Drying times are based on several factors including the type of fibre, backing structure, ventilation and humidity levels. On request we
can use carpet dryers to speed up the drying process. This can be completed on areas whilst cleans in other areas are taking place or whilst we’re packing away.

Please refer to 2.4 for additional drying services. Please note additional drying techniques equipment do note replace the need to follow the aftercare instructions.

2.2 – Sofas – average drying time is 6-7 hours but can take up to 24 hours (see 2.1)

2.3 – Carpets – on average carpets are “touch dry” within 3-4 hours however this can take up to 24 hours (see 2.1). Our operatives will ensure carpets are left as dry as possible before leaving however the natural drying process of carpets means that a small amount of water will rise to the surface of the carpet usually 3-4 hours after cleaning. It is essential that there is enough ventilation within the area to allow air flow to ensure the moisture dissipates. It is essential that windows, interior and exterior doors are left open as much as possible within the 12 hours after the clean. In no cases should the areas be left fully closed off.

No furniture should be replaced on the carpet during the first 6 hours after the clean. Where this is not possible furniture should be frequently rotated every 2 hours leaving each area of the carpet a full 2 hours to ventilate.

2.4 – Industrial drying – this service is classed as an additional extra and cost. This process involves use of additional machinery, chemicals and involves additional time for the operative. On occasion we may leave drying equipment in place and arrange
collection at a later time.


3.0 Stain management;


3.1 – Treatment for general stains is covered as standard with all cleans, this applies to common stains such as soil, food/drink spills and grease. More complex stains such as paint, oil, Ink, makeup or building material staining is classed as advanced stain removal and additional charges will apply. Please speak to your operative ahead of your appointment for clarification.
Stains and odour related issues caused as a result of bodily fluids from animals or humans such as urine, vomit, blood and faeces require specialist treatments to ensure the associated bacteria is fully dealt with and additional charges will apply. Please ensure you communicate any applicable issues ahead of your booking so the necessary arrangements can be made, failure to do so may result in cancellation of your booking.

We cannot guarantee the removal of any stains. Our ability to remove or reduce staining is dependent on a number of factors including the fibre type structure, age of the stain and previous attempts to clean which can cause setting.

3.2 – Some of our stain treatments are Solvent based differing in strength dependent on the type of stain. Solvent treatments have a strong odour which can cause mild short-lasting symptoms in humans and animals such as sneezing and mild distress
to animals. Should this be of concern please advise us before the clean commences.

3.3- Where suitable we will recommend stain guarding to assist in prolonging the period until the next clean and the overall preservation of the carpet or upholstery.

For certain materials Stain guarding can only be applied to fully dried carpets, if necessary, we will arrange a follow up appointment within 7 days of the clean.


4- Cancellation and payment terms


4.1 – Any cancellation must be made a minimum of 48 hours before the booking. Failure to do so will incur a cancellation charge of 50% between 24 and 48 hours and 100% 24 hours or less. In cases of an emergency we will allow one rescheduling
to be agreed.

4.2 – We accept cash or bank transfer; payment is required upon completion.


5 – After Care


5.1 – We are always on hand to offer support and guidance after your clean however it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the guidance outlined in this document and discussed by the operative at the end of the clean are carried out. We will complete a follow up within 24 hours of all cleans we ask that a full inspection of the area is completed within this time frame to ensure full satisfaction.

5.2 – Our operatives will carry out a completion check accordingly this will includes testing of the carpet, reporting any advisories to the customer and capturing any images of the cleaned areas. Any issues identified after should be reported within 48
hours of the clean.

By proceeding with your booking we accept your agreement to these terms.

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